Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: The Carrie Diaries

Good evening, good morning (wherever you are!) Here it is very early morning, 12:45 to be exact. Just wrapped up some homework and thought that I would weigh in on a show that I must admit, I have been waiting for: The Carrie Diaries.

As a viewer of its predecessor, Sex and the City, I was interested to see how true to the life of Carrie Bradshaw the show would be. From watching this first episode I can tell you...not very! If I remember correctly, Carrie's father left when she was seven and I do not believe she had any siblings. So really, the whole family dynamic is off. However, I do appreciate the qualities the character possesses. She has a professional drive that takes her not to the school dance where her crush is waiting, but out to a New York club with someone from Interview Magazine. 

While the show does deviate from what was laid out by SJP in the original, one does have to recognize that this is NOT Sex and the City. Gone are those days and here are the days just after the finale of Gossip Girl. I see the Carrie Diaries as filling the void left for some by the ending of the series. I am not going to judge the show based on just this one episode; I will continue to see how everything develops. Plus, I love all of the '80s music and references (the Rob Lowe sweater!) 

Just an opinion from someone who admittedly does not watch much television nowadays!

<3 Ashley

What are your thoughts on The Carrie Diaries?


  1. I loved Carrie in Sex and the City!I enjoyed Carrie Diaries as a book a lot and i guess i'm gonna take a loot at the show!
    Have a great day Ashley :)
    xo Lily

    1. I must say, I have not read the books. Maybe after I get through my current reading list I will look into it!

      <3 Ashley

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