Friday, January 11, 2013

Fancy Footwear

During the winter we dress with one goal in mind: be comfortably warm. Since we dress with this in the front of our minds, it can be very difficult to dress both practically and attractively. I find most problems rest on my feet. I pull an outfit together and my shoes have no effort put toward them. So I have endeavored to put together a few different outfits paired with the appropriate shoes that are great (or at least tolerable) during the winter.

Riding boots are a go-to for sure! If you invest in a truly good pair, they are warm and very durable. You can wear them in rain and snow and they will wear very well.

A close second are lace up boots. For me they are a little more casual than riding boots (I just think riding boots are a little more polished.) Similarly to riding boots, they are great with skinnies and leggings.

If you are going for a more dressed up look, I think ballet flats are best. I would not wear heels out when it is wet or icy. Simple flats will look great and can keep your feet wet if they are a good and sturdy material.

Those are my picks and really all I wear in the cold months. Have a great Friday, I will have my TGIF pins up in a few hours. Got to get through Italian first!

<3 Ashley

What shoes do you prefer in the winter?


  1. hey hun! nice blog :) I was also nominated for the award haha. Do you know what happens after we answer the questions?
    Would you like to follow each other on gfc? xo

    1. It is just an award we give each other. So when you're nominated it's just an opportunity to let other people know about your blog. It's a nice advertiser. You answer the questions and then you nominate blogs that you would like to see get some more recognition. And I would love to follow you! :)

      <3 Ashley

  2. oh okay I understand :)
    thanks for following me! just followed back



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