Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Style Culture

Good morning! (At least it's morning now...I'm sure that when I finally hit the publish button it will be well into the evening.) I figured I would start writing this one at the crack of dawn since I have a total of four classes today, three of which occur one after the other. I am interested to see how I get from the 23rd floor of one building to the 4th floor of another in 10 minutes.

Anyway, my class schedule is not the topic of today's entry but rather style evolution. It's something that I have been thinking about pretty often the past few days and thought the topic fit well with the New Year; you year, new you, new style. As I have been putting my closet on a diet and looking for newer items to add to it I have marveled at how my taste has evolved in just 365 days. Colors and shapes that intrigued me last years baffle me now.

One thing that I learned in my communication class this semester (two days in and I am learning things already!) is that culture has to change and adapt in order to thrive and keep going. Now, our closets may not be a widely practiced culture, but the same thought can be applied. In order to maintain excitement and a fresh appeal we must change; it's inevitable. We may not notice right away, but with closer examination we can look at ourselves in the past few years and see how our own personal styles have evolved I look back and see the slightly hippie stage I went through, the '70s glam inspired pieces that do work their way into outfits now, the sky-high heels that did not make it through homecoming, and the comfier pieces that I tend toward a lot more now.

The moral of the story is: think about how you and your closet have evolved. Which styles have survived and which ones have gone extinct?

<3 Ashley

How has your style changed over the long term or even the short term?


  1. Funny that I would read this today, because a friend showed me a post about Destiny's Child and their worst outfits. Some years ago I would totally have laughed and felt a bit ashamed to have dressed in a similar manner as a teen. Now my style is mainly grown-up, sophisticated, a bit boring most likely. But I felt like that was the kind of style I always wanted to have, but was too young to wear it or too afraid of being mocked.
    And still, I saw those outfits, and thought they were pretty cool, and that's just what my style was like too, (though not that extreme, thanks to my parents) and I am not ashamed of that anymore.
    Who knows when the nineties will be back for another spin, like the 60s are now.

    1. I am in the same place with my current style. I think that now, I dress with way more intelligence than I did before. I used to just dress out of whimsy and would tend to be less than comfortable for a majority of the day. Sometimes I do miss the whimsy, but I believe that look can still be accomplished with a little planning and moderation. Thanks for the comment and insight!


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