Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review: David Bowie "Where Are We Now?"

I cannot say that I have been completely immersed in his music (I was born in '94! I have a lot of music to catch up on.) but I have heard a few of David Bowie's material. From what I understand, he has not been as active in the music industry for awhile. Recently, however, he did release a brand new single titled "Where Are We Now?" I'd heard about the song from Twitter and thought that it would be interesting to listen to since his music is certainly very different from what is on the radio today. I wanted to see how his style had held up.

The verdict? I love the song! I went right to Spotify and added it to my library. The song is very haunting in my opinion. The style really isn't too close from what I have heard of him, but I love the way the song moves and the lyrics. I think this is a great way for a great artist to come back onto the stage. I highly suggest that you, at least, give it a listen!

<3 Ashley

Will you listen to this song? Have you heard it already? Thoughts?

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