Monday, January 28, 2013

Preparing for an Interview

Happy Monday to you all! Overall, I am predicting quite a pleasant week. Aside, of course, for my first exam in Italian today (fingers crossed!) But the news I have been waiting for did arrive just before the weekend began: I have an interview on Thursday regarding being an RA! Definitely a step in the right direction. I am nervous, but not as much as I have been before for an interview. This will in fact be my fourth interview for a job. I feel like I might almost be a pro! I have gotten to thinking about what preparation has exactly gone into these interviews and where my head was at the time. Here is a list of what I have found to help make an interview successful!

1. Be punctual! Be on time! Let me tell you, I am 15 minutes early everywhere. That might just be how I was raised, but it definitely is not hurting me.

2. That being said...don't rush! Leave yourself plenty of time to get ready and organized. While it not be the most pleasant, I do tend to wake up earlier if it's in the morning. (I wake up at 8:45-9:45 everyday...except weekends!) That way you have time to eat, get your appearance together and to mentally prepare in a comfortable time frame.

3. Dress nicely. I won't say dress professionally because that creates just one image in my head and that really only applies to certain positions. Dress for the position! For my interviews in retail (and probably for this upcoming one) I tend towards a nice top and nice, tailored looking jeans and flats. You don't need your prom dress, but don't bum it completely!

4. Do your research. Make sure you know enough about the position so that you can easily explain what qualifications you have that make you useful in that particular job. Sometimes you might be able to find some potential interview questions online. For the last store I had an interview with I searched potential questions I could be asked in the interview, found some and sure enough the manager did ask me a few of them. Thank goodness I was prepared!

5. Clear your mind before hand. Don't get nervous. Don't over think it. Don't bite your nails over it. Read a book or listen to some music. Go into the interview with a positive attitude.

6. Be yourself! Don't forget that your interviewer is a human being as well with a sense of humor. When they ask you a question like "what was an example of a time when you had to convince someone to purchase something?" tell the best story you have! I told about the time when I was the devil on my mother's shoulder at the Michael Kors store in Las Vegas. Mom walked out with a very nice pair of sunglasses that she wore all the time! Let them see you and your personality because that is the person they are hiring!

This is the process that I go through and so far it has been successful. I hope that I can continue to take my own advice and have a smooth running interview! I don't know if you know it...but I want to be an RA badly.

I hope that you have a great day!
<3 Ashley

What do you do to prepare for an interview or important meeting?

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