Monday, October 14, 2013

Help A Sister Out?

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Well that was quite the break! I recognize the fact that we are 14 days into October and I have a grand total of like 5-6 posts up. But this is midterm season and I have an exam TOMORROW! This entire weekend has consisted of me sitting at a table with all books open trying to make sense of the French Revolution while taking study breaks to watch football with everyone else on the floor. Anyway things are starting to come together and a feeling of preparedness is starting to come over me, so I thought I would slip in a little blog post before recommencing the study session.

I actually would really love your opinion on something! I am looking on some fashion advice. Sweater weather and boot season is upon us and I have one pair of boots that is giving me some trouble. I bought a pair of white boots from Charlotte Russe a year or two ago and I still don't know what I am going to wear them with! But I have to wear them, you know? They look like the boot pictured above. So what would one wear with white boots? What color top? Dark wash jeans? I don't know!

<3 Ashley

Any suggestions?

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