Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Life As Of Late

The rains that I woke up to in the morning

Hey all!

Sorry I was so absent yesterday. I had every intention of posting but the general atmosphere around here lately did not allow for that. I got some pretty upsetting news this weekend and then I was so tired yesterday and it was raining and all of this conspired to make a very subdued, not too talkative Ashley.

But I'm back! I really don't have anything too too exciting planned for today so I will just catch you up on my life. We are halfway through the first semester of sophomore year and I am already so over this. TOO MUCH READING!! I took a few exams already and didn't do has hot as I would have liked; I still need to figure out how to study for these classes. I need to take my own advice and take some time to relax and calm down. But socially this year is already so much better since I came in with a set of friends from last year and my floor in my residence hall is so friendly! Plus, it's a co-ed floor this year which I definitely am NOT complaining about. Haha!

To be honest, there isn't too much excitement to report on. Just a lot of stressful weekends and late nights studying in the lounge.

<3 Ashley

How have you been lately?

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