Thursday, October 3, 2013

Things to Do in Fall

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Good day folks! Can you believe it's Thursday already? Hooray! Last night we celebrated the middle of the week (and did some de-stressing) and did some solid shopping--Happy Hump Day, right? I got a pair of boots at Forever 21 that I can fit my calves into, some basics at H&M and two sweaters (they had a by one get one free sale!) I also managed to grab a wig for my Halloween costume; Marilyn Monroe is almost complete!

Between the sweaters, boots and Halloween costume I am even more excited for this 70 degree weather to leave and be replaced by temps in the 50s and 60s! There are so many things that I am anticipating doing this fall that I haven't done or done in while. Here's a list of some great fall activities that I'm sure we would all love:

1. Apple picking. I grew up in a part of the state where apple orchards out number the people--and I've only been apple picking once! Plus my diet is seriously lacking in fruit right now. In the off chance somebody knows of an apple orchard around Pittsburgh, drop me a comment!

2. Pumpkin patch. My friends and I have been talking about this one a lot lately. Unfortunately we won't be able to attend the pumpkin patch that the school program committee organized. But we do have a friend with a car and we are adamant about getting a pumpkin to place outside the door--which I'm sure someone will promptly destroy.

3. Hayride. I've only been on one of these too! But I think it would be fun to take a hayride with a group of friends in the evening; accompanied by apple cider of course!

4. Haunted House. There is a pretty solid haunted house that the school puts together in October that I'm sure we will go to, but we've also been playing with the idea of going to a real one. Hundred Acres Manor is one nearby that the program committee has organized a trip to but I don't know how scared I want to get! Haha!

Hopefully I can do at least two of these this year!

<3 Ashley

What activities do you like to do in the fall?

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