Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Culinary Experiments

Like any sane human being I adore food. Not only does it provide very necessary sustenance, it is also a common denominator in most of the social interactions I enter into. Very rarely is a meet with my friends done outside of a restaurant, coffee shop, or movie theater (popcorn!) But along with the love of such edible delights comes the need to learn how to prepare things beyond the difficulty level of toast.

In college most of the dorm room cooking consists of mixing things with hot water and stirring, microwaves and occasionally a contraband toaster oven. Being in that situation for months and months can do wonders at instilling a desire to use a stove and oven again. Since I've been home I have eaten out a grand total of three times. This is a combination of a few reasons: the looming swimsuit season (Applebee's is not your friend in this scenario!) and the fact that I want to get used to cooking for myself.

In doing so I have discovered some go-to foods that I have a tendency to lean towards and make different variations of: pasta, rice, eggs and the use of na'an (pizza and sandwiches) I don't really have any recipes or anything...I am still at the point where I just find things in the refrigerator that could possibly taste well in the dish. Like today for example. I made the pasta dish pictured above; pasta, spinach, mozzarella, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. I don't even have any measurements for you...that's how off-the-cuff I am with this cooking thing. But one thing I can tell you about this meal is yum!

Are you as ridiculous at cooking as I am? Is there a dish that you've made that was completely improvised?

<3 Ashley

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