Monday, May 20, 2013

I Wear My Sunglasses


One of my favorite accessories that I wear all year round is my sunglasses. It's one of those things that comes in so many colors and styles some of which are flattering while some are not. While they are a stylish accessory, they are also a functional one protected your eyes from the sun's rays. Here are some styles that are making quite a presence for themselves this spring.

1. Mirrored- I do not own a pair of these but I have seen them around and could see myself trying them out. Those are the kind of lenses you can wear and no one will know where you're looking.

2. Round- I could never bring myself to wear these. While John and Yoko may have worn them with confidence, I do not like the look at all. I don't think that they would look quite right on my face.

3. White- The '60s have made their way back. These mod frames are becoming more popular (though I have had mine probably since the 9th grade! Also included in the '60s comeback are Ray Ban Wayfarers.

What kind of sunglasses do you like to wear?

<3 Ashley

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