Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Interesting Reads: IFB

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So I found this article here on IFB yesterday about the fact that procrastinating can be beneficial and was really intrigued by it. Often times when I am studying or trying to focus on writing up a post for the site and find myself on some social media site or reading some other article on Buzzfeed that I really shouldn't be reading. Every time I catch myself I feel just a little guilty about allowing myself to get side-tracked and distracted. But this article argues for allowing yourself to "waste time." After reading the article I feel a little bit better about those times when I let my mind and attention wander. I'm not saying I am going to intentionally just throw aside what I'm doing and go on Pinterest for an hour, but when I have been committing to something for awhile sometimes the old brain needs to take a few minutes to unwind, reboot and re-adjust.

<3 Ashley

Do you find yourself "wasting time" often? Is it something you try to avoid? What do you think after reading this article?

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