Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Flawed Perfection

If you have followed my blog for the past year you may have noticed my hinting at the fact that I don't usually wear a lot of jewelry. I wear one, maybe two pieces at most in one outfit. But just because I don't often wear it doesn't mean that I don't LOVE looking at it! One brand that I was recently introduced to is Flawed Perfection Jewelry, founded by Megan Reynolds.

The recently released line, Interchangeable Sparkle, allows women to have versatility with their jewelry. Rather than buying up so many different pieces for so many different outfits (guilty as charged!) this line allows you to change the crystal set with just clasp rings. A great way to get the best bang for your buck, right?

I have to say that I am obsessing over all of the color options of these beautiful Swarovski crystals. Another big positive for this brand is that Megan donates a portion of all sales to the Half the Sky Movement; if you're not familiar it is a movement which helps oppressed women worldwide. So you get the perks of owning some truly beautiful pieces while also helping a great cause.

I am loving the look of the Sand & Stone piece....

....as well as Yacht Club (which has been discontinued and is currently on sale for $25)

You can check out the collection and blog here.

<3 Ashley

What do you think of Interchangeable Sparkle from Flawed Perfection Jewelry? What piece is your favorite?

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