Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Effects of Social Media

I feel like anymore I get inspiration for topics by scrolling through my blog feed. I came upon Jenni's post today on Story of My Life for Blogtember and felt a need to put in my two cents: How has social media and blogging effected your life?

An excellent question, I think! Social media has made communicating and sharing information these day so fast and easy. It is also a lot easier to reach more of a mass audience if that's what you're looking to do. But there are some effects that it's had on me that I would like to maybe reverse a little. I think the new found ability to share pictures and what I am doing have made me less of a private person; I used to pride myself on keeping things to myself. It's nice to have some memories just for yourself right? So I am starting to pull back--just a little--on instagramming and tweeting.

On the other hand, I was also a very shy person. Communicating through social media is so much easier since you're not exactly talking face-to-face with your subject. While my confidence isn't totally through the roof, blogging and social media have certainly helped me in pooling my ideas and delivering them in a way that I am satisfied with. Social media does still have both its pros and cons but I do have to thank all the platforms that I am a part of for giving me a launching pad on which to voice my opinions and interests.

<3 Ashley

How has social media/blogging effected your life?

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