Monday, September 23, 2013

Jewelry Finds: Vienna Victoria

I think this impending fall is doing something to me. I am taking interest in trends that I swore up and down I would probably never wear--but now leopard and me are buds!--and I’ve been turning to my necklace board every morning when I get ready. You remember me and jewelry, right? We talk and acknowledge but never really hang out. 

Well I am discovering all of these interesting pieces and adding more and more to my Christmas list. As we speak I have a tab open in Chrome deciding which piece I want from the Vienna Victoria store. Creator Satin Van Cleef has a line of bracelets and rings that are actually have lipgloss in them in the “Vanity Vault!” Now that’s what I call stylish and functional! That’s one less thing to keep in your bag; plus they’re refillable. 


The bracelets come in yellow, white, rose and black gold over bronze--I am all over the rose gold!--and made with Swarovski Elements.

Check out the website here. I think that they would definitely make a cute gift for the holidays. I might drop some hints to my family about that! 

<3 Ashley

What do you think of this functional collection by Vienna Victoria?  

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