Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 15: Simpler Times

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We are officially half way through this month long blogging challenge and these prompts just keep getting deeper and deeper and call me to really put some thought into my answers. Today I am asked: What do you miss the most? I am the kind of person who tends to over think things; I feel that this question is very general and can be interpreted a couple of different ways. This question in particular prompts recollections of certain aspects of a period of time or material things that I don't have anymore. So I will venture to answer both ways...just for kicks.

I miss the simplicity that childhood held. As much as I love the wonderful journey I am on I will be completely is hard, and I hate getting up to go to work. I miss how much more comfortable I used to feel being goofy, unknowing and without a care. All problems were smaller and not so serious.

Now let's get out of that deep area and get shallow for a bit. :) I miss Barbie...back before she was accused of causing self-esteem problems. I just liked dressing her up. I also loved going to the store and seeing all of those collectable Barbie dolls--Millennium Barbie anyone? Side note: Do they still make those collectable dolls?

What do you miss the most?

<3 Ashley

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