Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 6: Zodiac

So it would seem Day 5 of this challenge was skipped. I just couldn't bring myself to do it yesterday. I will tack it on to the end of the month.

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Cancer the Crab.

Some keywords to identify with Cancer are gentle, conservative, nurturing, feeling, defensive, and contemplating. Those under Cancer are typically able to adjust to different environments, often retreat into themselves when sad or hurt, and also tend to try to blend with their environments and not become the center of too much attention. They prone to moodiness and try to avoid too much change to their environment. They are intrigued by objects with a history to them (antiques, photos, etc.)

Being born on July 13 means that I am a Cancer. How much do I think the above description matches my own personality. I'm convinced they just wrote my personality out as the sign's description! It is for the most part completely similar. I do tend to keep to myself and stay quiet, and have pride in the fact that I am able to adapt to most situations and environments that I find myself in.

Do you think your personality matches what is described by your sign?

<3 Ashley

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