Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finally Taking a Vacation

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It’s finally here! The day I have been pining for for the past month: the last day of work before we leave for vacation. This year a long trip feels very much well deserved.

I will be gone for all of next week so that means that the blog is definitely not going to get AS MUCH attention as it probably deserves. I do have a few posts planned and will be taking my computer with me only for the sake of a VERY special post that I have coming up on Wednesday (so don’t miss it!) But can honestly say that I will not be posting everyday. How can I with a beach in front of me?

However, you will by no means be losing contact with me; in this day and age I find it difficult to completely fall off the face of the Earth. I’m sure there will be Instagramming galore from me. If you haven’t yet you can follow my Instagram amor0713. Also, don’t forget that I have a new Twitter for the blog @ashley_atg. I just wanted to make sure I posted this before I left; there will still be a TGIF Pins post tomorrow though!

<3 Ashley

Have you been on vacation yet? Where did/will you go?

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