Monday, July 22, 2013

Packing, Unpacking, Repacking & Overpacking

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That title above is a very apt description of what my travel preparations have been as long as I have been packing my own suitcase. I am literally the worst; and no matter what I always forget something! Anyone else like this? Just me? I am also a HUGE procrastinator so the packing that I had to do before 6 AM Saturday morning did not actually get underway until about 8 PM Friday night (and I take forever…see title.)

So instead of throwing the contents of my closet into my half of the suitcase--I have to share with my brother--I sat down and calmly (read: semi-panicked) made a list of what I would need and planned my outfits. One full piece of stationary later I dove into it. Everything fit into my half perfectly. Here are just a few of the beach essentials that I included:

Maxi dresses: I wore one for travel and one sat in my suitcase. I love maxi dresses and always will. On the beach and boardwalk they are a beautiful thing.

Shorts: A no-brainer. I brought two pair since we have access to laundry and I have a dress and a skirt to make outfits out of as well. Shorts are very summer-y and laidback with a tank top, basic tee or fun graphic tee (read: Captain America t-shirt) or really anything!

Light sweaters: Windy nights are pretty much a constant at least while I am near a beach. I’m sure the winds stop once I leave. So to combat the slight chill of summer seaside nights I carry a light cardi or zip-up.

Don’t forget swimsuits: Can I just say…these are the last things I packed. What does that say about my focus and brain power? Don’t be like me and nearly forget these essentials!

Accessories: Sunglasses! Hats! Wraps! Rings! Necklaces! Bags! Go wild!

<3 Ashley

What are your beach essentials? Are you as bad at packing as I am?

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