Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Bit of Rearranging

So I told you earlier that my roommate and I made a few changes to our room to switch things up and make the room seem a little bit bigger. Here are just a few of my spaces that I have organized:

Here is my desk. We moved it over a bit so it wasn't so close to the door. We also put our chair in between the desks since the space was so empty.

I am now the bottom bunk. I actually prefer this. It's cozy.

This area use to be where I put all of my food and dishes. But I decided it would make more sense to store the food away (in a box under my bed) and put my mugs on top of the mini fridge. I think this arrangement looks a lot nice, yes?

I am a lot happier with our room now. The room itself seems a lot bigger, and even my bed feels a little more private now. 

<3 Ashley

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