Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Fashion: The Day After!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend because it's back to work! As I am sure everyone and their mother knows, last night was the Oscars! Really...I consider it a holiday. I love watching to see how the host will do, watch the winners accept their awards, and of course I love the red carpet pre-shows - no matter how annoying some of them can be! I noticed a lot of lighter colors on the Oscar red carpet this year. Many women were seen sporting white, soft pinks and blues, and some gold. But once in awhile an actress would come in a darker black or blue gown that kept up a bit of variation. Here I thought I would give you just a couple of my favorite and least favorite gowns from the 2013 Oscar red carpet.

Let me start with my favorite gowns of the evening:

Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture: I love this so much. It's so simple with minimal accessories and a pixie cut. She absolutely rocked this look. A goddess no matter what she wears.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture: LOOOOOVE IT! Really though, I don't know what it is but I absolutely adore this dress. Congrats to her for also winning Best Actress!

**I also really loved Jessica Chastain's Armani gown. She had a nice classic Hollywood look about her  that I liked.

And unfortunately, while I love these ladies in all of the films that they do, there were some gowns that I did not like:

Anne Hathaway in Prada: Nope. I don't like; I really wanted to but I just can't. I love Anne so much but  I don't think this was the best dress she (or her styling team) could've chosen. The top part of the dress is what bothered me the most.

Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta: I won't beat around it (it would be difficult!)...the skirt is the reason that I don't like this dress. Skirts like this bother me. I feel like it is just too much! The color looks great on her; I just really don't like the skirt.

I thought the show, overall, was very good. This year, the Oscars put forth a theme - music in film - and the performances were spectacular. The cast of Les Miserables was fantastic, but I also loved Catherine Zeta-Jones performing "All That Jazz" from Chicago. Seth MacFarlane was a pretty good host. I thought some of the jokes were a little off, but he got through it fairly successful! 

<3 Ashley

Did you watch the Oscars? What were your favorite red carpet looks?


  1. Great post! Couldn't agree more about Anne's dress. Its a shame since she was up for such a HUGE award! If you took out the parts that were accentuating some "certain area", it would have been a whole lot better!

    Enjoy your day and all the Post-Oscars fashion coverage! Fashion Police is on at 8:30 PM EST :)

  2. Ashley, I completely agree with you about Anne's dress. I was so disappointed! I did however like Amy's dress. Skirts like that always interest me, however I'm sure it would look terrible on anyone else!

    Check out my favorites too?

    Love Amie x

  3. These dresses are so stunning!



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