Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Keeping Your Priorities In Order

One thing that I have always had difficulty with and have finally made the decision to take on is prioritizing. So many times this year alone have I fallen behind in a class because I have left an assignment to the last minute so I have to complete that rather than the smaller reading assignments. One of my promises to myself for 2013 was to become more organized in my work.

Let me tell you, old habits die hard. I am admittedly guilty of falling behind once or twice since January 1st (I know, already?!) But with two due dates pushed back one week - new favorite professor? - I have vowed to buckle down and not get distracted. Rather, I will plan for something to do to reward myself after I finish all of my work. I have also started keeping a more detailed calendar on my desk that also includes all my due dates. Before I left for college, my aunt gave me a list of advice for college success. One of the items was to keep a calendar and follow it. I should have listened to her earlier!

Here's to my new, hopefully successful, organized system.

<3 Ashley

How do you prioritize and keep your work organized? Or is that something you need to work on as well?


  1. I don't know a single student who doesn't procrastinate on some course or other. And in fact, I don't know a single student who doesn't also swear to do better next semester and then falls behind his goals in the first two weeks. Hah. I personally think it's because assignments have a deadline that is fairly far away and noone looks what you are doing on a daily basis. What worked for me over the years is to have a due date schedule, that I would hang up on my desk and type into my calendar. And to do all this things after each other at an alloted time. So if an essay is due at the end of the semester, you could write it at the beginning and set yourself a deadline to write it within two weeks and to do and to worry about nothing else, apart from weekly assignments if you have those. Also, weekly assignments: If you have classes where you need to read along, and you miss one time or two times, just pick up where they are reading and pick up on the slack later on. Catching up immediately will just get you discouraged and even more behind.

    1. Great ideas! I have started plugging all the due dates into my calendar. Hopefully it works :)


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