Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Resolution Reflection

Believe it or not, there is only about a week and a half left in the month of February. Where did the time go?! We are already almost two months in the 2013. This is not going to be a long post, but a good one still. The purpose of this one is reflection. How have you spent the first two months? Was it how you planned or hoped? Are you still going strong with your resolutions? Here are my answers:

The first two months for me were spent re-organizing, changing my space up a bit, and committing to a healthier lifestyle. While any hopes of de-stressing my life have almost been extinguished I find myself working a bit harder to catch up. In terms of my healthy lifestyle resolution, I find that I have substantially cut back on junk food (this success is aided by the beginning of Lent.) Since Lent has begun and I have committed myself to eating less junk food I have made Sundays my cheat day (if you celebrate Lent, you know this is the day that you can cheat.)

Anyway, I feel that, despite a few minor bumps, these first few months have been quite successful and I remain hopeful! How about you?

<3 Ashley

Do you feel that you have been successful so far in the new year?


  1. I'm pretty proud with how I've done so far with my goals this year. Great post- it's nice to be reminded to sit back and reflect for a second.

    1. That's great :) I think it's nice to think about it for a bit so you can see what you still need to work on. Thanks for the comment!

      <3 Ashley

  2. I need to reflect back on my resolutions too! This is such a good idea and definitely helpful to see your progress!

  3. Hello! Thank you for the comment. I am following you on twitter, instagram, and pinterest! My username for all of them is amor0713



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