Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beating the Dreariness

One thing I have learned since I have moved here to Pittsburgh is that the sun shines like once a week. There are a lot of clouds, a lot of rain, and a lot of snow. Personally, I find that when the weather is like this I get very tired and sluggish and it takes a team of girls that won't shut up to get me out of bed. But this is no way to live, is it? Especially in a place that is famous for this kind of weather. So, I am taking the initiative to do more. Today - even though it is raining - I am going, willingly, to a basketball game. I find myself to be more of a football girl but I need to leave this dorm!

I want to do more (inexpensive - on a budget here!) around the campus and the city to keep me busy so I don't fall back in to my "do-nothing" ways.

<3 Ashley

What do you do when it's dreary outside to keep yourself happy and energetic?


  1. Lately, I go on Pinterest and find a craft I pinned (in the past) and got the stuff to do it.

    Recently I've accomplished the following:
    -created jewelry holders out of old photo frames
    -printed photos and a couple quotes on image to revamp old collage photo frames around the house
    -created extra shelf space by velcro-ing (not a word) all our spices to the inside of the pantry door

    I also keep an 'idea/invention' notebook and look into it for inspiration.

    Maybe this will have you think of some things you already had in mind before... My last tip is to write a To Do List. There's something about checking something as 'Done' that feels so fulfilling for me.

    Good luck!

    1. Great ideas! Pinterest is great to turn to when your bored. That's what it's for, right? :) Maybe I will try to make a to-do list as well. Thanks for sharing!

      <3 Ashley


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