Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Single Gal's V-Day: Indulge in Yourself

Good day!'s a very busy, stressful day. But the weather is nice so I can't complain to much. Once I get passed my oral exam in Italian I think I will be a lot happier. In fact, I may treat myself to a movie tonight.

Anyway, today's idea to make happier the single gal's Valentine's Day is to indulge in yourself. Sure, most people spend the day showing even more love for their significant other, but why not show some extra love to yourself?! Leave work a little early, skip that class that you know not much is happening in, go to the spa, have a movie marathon, buy that dress you've been pining for, be lazy! You deserve it ;)


Is there something that you would like to treat yourself to?

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